If ever there was a brand that carved its own path to become a leader in functional and affordable eyewear that looks good, it’s Carve Eyewear. Back in 1998 the company was established in Australia and soon found itself entering the action sports and lifestyle markets not just on its own front door, but globally.


Today, Carve sunglasses and eyewear is recognised for its quality and style, and with an over 50-strong team in every action sport from Surfing and Snowboarding to MX, MTB, Golfing and Kiteboarding, as well as lifestyle team members including DJ’s and Musicians, Carve is represented by the guys and girls that want to wear such a forward-thinking brand that’s growing and growing.


Carve eyewear won’t break the bank, so why settle for cheap alternatives and fakes? This is a brand that’s going up and up thanks to its awesome team and an enviable reputation. Join Carve today and experience progression!

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